2 - a life of testsFrom the net and Facebook and my live companion came the news of the unexpected car crash death of a creative funny colleague who was struggling with raising his son in a divorce .  And now that struggle  is history and his fathering is done.  Who knows what the next moments will bring?  Appreciate the now.

Famous last words:  Humphrey Bogart to his wife as she left to buy food:  “Hurry back.”

From my ebook:

“And a lot of my life has been about passing tests.”  Here I am at Horace Mann School for Boys committed to doing the homework and getting good grades and the approval of my teachers and the admiration of my fellow students.  Pressure.  Approval. How the patterns of youth become the habits and desires of aging. When do we get free?  How do we get free?  Dying each day is a beginning.

From the net and Face book and my companion came the news a creative funny colleague struggling with raising his son in a divorce.  And now that struggle is history and his fathering is done

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